Team Dahmen


Lona Dahmen : Wife

The '93 Chicago Bulls. The '72 Miami Dolphins. Bobby Flay and a skillet. Some things are just meant to be great. Lona and Joel are a team at the core. She loves to support him on the road, while finding the best spots to eat on a weekly basis. 


Geno Bonnalie : Caddy

The most interesting caddy in the world. 

[self proclaimed]. Joel and Geno have known each other since childhood and have developed one of the best working relationships on Tour.


Rob Rashell : Swing Coach

What's in a coach really? Well, in this case a great mentor, friend and incredible golfer himself. Rob has worked on perfecting (impossible to do) the Dahmen swing for a few years now. He has taken him to new level of commitment and confidence.


Mental Coaching Techniques

I think this picture speaks for itself. Is there a better way to get rid of the daily grind than to shoot banana peels and turtle shells?


Management Team

The team behind the team. Jeremy and Derek over at Makers Sports handle all the business operations and conversations of Dahmen Golf. #MakeYourMark