Fun. Survivor. Golfer.

Fun. Survivor. Golfer. Fun. Survivor. Golfer. Fun. Survivor. Golfer.


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Dahmen Story


Commitment to game of Golf & Life

Joel is a PGA Tour veteran, who does not take where he is for granted. After making his way up the ranks, he has established himself as one of the most consistent golfers in the world. He has persevered through a lot in his life and would love to share this journey with you.


Cancer Survivor & Family man

Growing up in a small town in the state of Washington taught Joel a lot about grit and true roots. He has used that to better himself and overcome the obstacles put in front of him with the help of his family and wife, Lona.


Charitable Causes

Joel believe's now, more than ever, he is poised to help make a difference in other people's lives. Telling his cancer story is something that he wants to do to bring awareness to the younger generations. Click on "The Hat" page from the menu to learn more.

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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

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